A-Z Directory

AURA Central Administrative Services
In Tucson, Arizona
Name Title Ext. * Room E-mail
Abney, Sherri Contracts Administrator 8103 Q-14 sabney@aura-astronomy.org
Bailey, Betty Jo Accounting Specialist 8562 Q-1 bbailey@aura-astronomy.org
Baron Helming, Suzanne Procurement Manager 8165 Q-32 sbaronhelming@aura-astronomy.org
Bass, Harvey Contracts Officer 8445 R-10 hbass@aura-astronomy.org
Blake, Patricia Accounts Payable Supervisor 8386 Q-13 pblake@aura-astronomy.org
Brown-Morris, Charliene Administrative Assistant II 8272 Q-37 cbrown-morris@aura-astronomy.org
Camacho, Yvonne Accounting Specialist 8418 Q-1 ycamacho@aura-astronomy.org
Chapman, Renae Controller 8411 Q-31


Conrad, Jason Logistics Specialist 8126 SR jconrad@aura-astronomy.org
Cummins, Michelle Travel Accounting Specialist 8176 Q-9 mcummins@aura-astronomy.org
Daniel, Anna Senior Accounting Specialist 8153 Q-1 adaniel@aura-astronomy.org
Delgado, Oscar Senior Financial Analyst 8414 Q-39 odelgado@aura-astronomy.org
Diaz-Silva, Catalina Grants Officer 8275 Q-35 cdiazsilva@aura-astronomy.org
Fimbres, Edna Payroll Specialist 8505 Q-19 efimbres@aura-astronomy.org
Godzyk, Karen Contracts Officer 8357 Q-20 kgodzyk@aura-astronomy.org
Gronet, Deborah Contracts Officer 8366 Q-30 dgronet@noao.edu
Latuff, Carlos Buyer II 8180 Q-18 clatuff@aura-astronomy.org
Logan, Gina Senior Contracts Officer 8265 Q-28 glogan@aura-astronomy.org
Mayne, Monica Buyer I 8474 Q-6 mmayne@aura-astronomy.org
Moreno, Teresa Buyer I 8110 Q-7 tmoreno@aura-astronomy.org
Peltier, Sarah Logistics Specialist 8107 Warehouse speltier@aura-astronomy.org
Peterman, Carol Senior Accountant 8382 Q-3 cpeterman@aura-astronomy.org
Phillips, Marie Software Developer III 8513 Q-27 mphillips@aura-astronomy.org
Richardson, Chris CAS Senior Manager 8504 Q-33 crichardson@aura-astronomy.org
Rodriguez, Lety Senior Payroll Specialist 8117 Q-19 lrodriguez@aura-astronomy.org
Rosales, Omar Software Developer I 8477 Q-27 orosales@aura-astronomy.org
Smith, Jerry Property Administrator 8316 Q-3A jsmith@aura-astronomy.org
Tache, Anthony Local Delivery 8107 Warehouse atache@aura-astronomy.org
Tracy, Jim Financial Manager 8234 Q-25 jtracy@aura-astronomy.org
Wiest, Orion Logistics Supervisor\Export Control Officer 8161 SR owiest@aura-astronomy.org
For Tucson numbers dial (520) 318 + Four Digit Ext.
In La Serena, Chile
Name Title Ext. * Room E-mail
Araya, Evelyn Treasurer 245 MDX


Castro, Veronica Administrative Assistant 220 MDX vcastro@aura-astronomy.org

Correa, Ana Maria

Payroll Specialist 299 MDX acorrea@aura-astronomy.org
Damke, Guillermo Logistics Specialist 296 SR gdamke@aura-astronomy.org
Gonzalez, Carola Administrative Assistant 213 MDX cgonzalez@aura-astronomy.org
Pelligrini, Gilberto Accounting Specialist 229 MDX gpelligrini@aura-astronomy.org
Pinochet, Carlos Logistics Specialist 247 SR cpinochet@aura-astronomy.org
Rivera, Oscar Property Control 313 MDX orivera@aura-astronomy.org
Rodriguez, Andrea Accounting Specialist 385 MDX arodriguez@aura-astronomy.org
Saguez, Carmen Purchasing Assistant 220 MDX csaguez@aura-astronomy.org
Sanchez, David Purchasing Assistant 396 MDX dsanchez@aura-astronomy.org
Solis, Claudio Senior Accountant 385 MDX csolis@aura-astronomy.org
Soms, Alvaro Head of Procurement 222 MDX asoms@aura-astronomy.org
Tapia, Cristian Senior Financial Analyst 384 MDX catapia@aura-astronomy.org
Tapia, Cristina Accounting Specialist 381 MDX ctapia@aura-astronomy.org
For La Serena numbers dial 011-56-51-205 + Three Digit Ext.
In Hilo Hawaii
Name Title Ext. * Room E-mail
Agbayani, Tito Buyer II 2506   tagbayani@aura-astronomy.org
VACANT Logistics and Property Administrator 2606    
For Hilo numbers dial (808) 974 + Four Digit Ext.