Grants Administration


Show me the money?

Center staff members are encouraged to seek funding from outside organizations, including other federal agencies for projects that contribute to the overall advancement of astronomy. 

All proposals require the approval of the AURA and or the Center Director prior to being submitted to the funding agency. Grant funds can only be used to carry out activities in accordance with the funding agreements. Funds cannot be committed or spent until AURA has received a copy of the funding agreement or interagency transfer.

Please contact Catalina Diaz-Silva, Grants Officer ext. 8275, for help with preparing your proposal or refer to the Awards Management Policies Manual (AMPM).

Carina is a new online tool that allows the Principle Investigator or the Technical Representative to monitor their incoming and outgoing award activities. If you have project management questions, please contact Catalina Diaz-Silva, Grants Officer for incoming awards or the assigned Contracts Officer for Outgoing awards/contracts.