Returning Purchased Items for Repair or Replacement

1.            I have a piece of equipment that has failed.  May I send it back to the vendor for repair or does

               Procurement handle this for me?

               -       When an item needs to be repaired (whether or not under warranty), report the problem to the Buyer

                         who handled the purchase and s/he will contact the vendor for a return merchandise uthorization.  

                         The Buyer will create a Shipping Memo which will allow the item to be tracked.  If you have a service

                         warranty on a computer, tablet, laptop, or other electronic device,  the end user should contact the

                         vendor and arrange onsite repair or return for repair.

              2.            The item I purchased is damaged or doesn’t work, may I return it?

                  -      Yes, follow the same procedure as above.  Be sure to keep the shipping materials until you are

                           sure the item is correct and functioning.  Do not destroy the original packaging because many

                           companies require the item be returned in the original box for credit.

              3.            I received the wrong item!

                 -       Use the same procedure for all returns.