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2017 Mileage Rate

The reimbursable mileage rate for business use of your personal vehicle has changed to 53.5 cents per mile. Please use this new rate on Travel Expense Reports beginning 01/01/2017.

CAS Accounting & Payroll Staff Changes

Congratulations to Carol Peterman who will be retiring this year!  Edna Fimbres from Payroll will be taking Carols place.  As of April 1st, Edna will be our new Accounting Clerk and can be reached at extension 8382.  Carol Peterman will be working part time for a few more months as we work through this transition.

Please welcome Susan Montgomery, the new CAS Payroll Specialist.  Susan can be reached at extension 8505 or at  Susan is replacing Edna Fimbres who has transferred to an Accountant position.