Issue Resolution

In the event there is an outstanding issue or problem with CAS Services that has not been resolved by CAS staff within a reasonable period of time, we encourage you to submit this information to CAS Management. A reasonable period of time for resolution of a typical issue should be no longer than 5 business days.
To report these issues or problems, please select the link below and provide the following information:
1)     Date
2)     Your Name
3)     Your Manager’s Name
4)     Description of the Problem
Within 2 business days you will receive an initial email response acknowledging the receipt of your information, the assigned case number associated with your inquiry and the member of the CAS Management Team assigned to your case, who will contact you directly.   Your case information will be entered into a log which will allow us to track resolution. The CAS Senior Manager will receive a copy of this information.
Until your case is resolved, you will receive a status update on your case on a weekly basis. 
If you are  not satisfied that effective resolution has occurred, we strongly encourage you to report this to the CAS Senior Manager and the Vice President for Administration. Additionally you can report this to the Business Manager within your organization:
CAS Senior Manager: Chris Richardson
Vice President for Administration:  Deborah Johnson
Business Manager Gemini:  Diego Correa
Business Manager LSST:  Daniel Calabrese
Business Manager NOAO:  Bob Blum
Business Manager NSO: Rex Hunter