NOAO Proposals

     In general all proposals must be reviewed by your supervisor and the Director. The CAS Grants Officer will review all proposals that include a budget to receive funds or a commitment to perform a service or research at least two weeks prior to submission. Depending on the amount of the budget, approval by Vernon Pankonin, the NSF Program Officer may also be required.

     Proposal Elements
  • Project Summary                             NSF           NASA
  • Project Description                          NSF           NASA 
  • References Cited                             NSF           NASA  
  • Biographical Sketches                      NSF           NASA         STScI
  • Budget                                            NSF           NASA         STScI
  • Budget Narrative                             NSF           NASA         STScI
  • Current & Pending Support             NSF           NASA         STScI

     NASA Proposals - The announcement of opportunity describes the specific elements required.  If those elements differ from the NASA Proposal Guide, the elements listed in the AO take precedence.  However, all other proposal preparation requirements are listed in the guide and must be followed.  You must register in NSPIRES in order to submit a proposal.

     NSF Proposals - NOAO staff may propose to NSF divisions other than MPS AST.  Proposal preparation requirements listed in the GPG must be followed unless a deviation is listed in the announcement or one is requested from the Program Officer.  You must ask the Grants officer to register you in NSF Fastlane in order to prepare and submit a proposal.  

     Proposals for Space Telescope Science Institute, Spitzer, Keck and Herschel are usually a preliminary science proposal submission, reviewed and awarded a formulae determined amount of funds.  These proposals do not need to be reviewed by CAS unless a budget or cost proposals is requested.