IT Services

AURA CAS Business IT believes in a unique partnership for success, spanning across analysis, design, and development of applications and products for our AURA centers, providing a fresh modern look and feel.


In addition to providing technical support for CAS and HR employees, the AURA CAS Business IT department is creating and maintaining applications that are specific to the needs of our organization.


During the past few years, there has been a large effort to modernize existing software, automate manual tasks and assist in the move toward a paperless environment. Many older applications have been re-created from the ground up using a modern database design, platform, architecture and coding language.  Disparate software applications have been built into one extensive suite of applications with a similar look and feel and interactive linkage between them for ease of use, simplified data-retrieval, and tracking.


Users can now access and move between all CAS applications with a single initial log in and can also log in using their organizational credentials if the organization is part of AURA Single-Sign-On.


Whether filling in your timecard in WTS, running a financial report to check the balance on a budgeted account in CASNet, creating a travel request in Reqless or recording details of a contract in Carina, the AURA CAS Business IT application support team takes care of all aspects of the inner workings of these applications.  They provide support for the applications, their interfaces, and back-end databases with the goal to allow seamless functionality for the user with consistent and flawless access to data.


It is the AURA CAS Business IT mission to help people with their technology so that they can focus on their work and do their jobs better and in a less time-consuming manner.