Business travel is defined as travel paid for by AURA when the traveler is traveling farther than 50 miles away from work location.  Anyone traveling on behalf of AURA is required to obtain an approved Travel Request prior to arranging travel and a Travel Expense Form upon their return. Access to Reqless is required for the TR. 


The CAS Travel Manual provides an overview of  AURA travel policies, guides the traveler through the planning stages of their trip, and provides detailed information about the payment/reimbursement process including AURA's Travel Reimbursement Policy.


US paid employees are provided insurance when traveling to foreign locations.  This document provides helpful information that includes health insurance benefits while on foreign travel and confirmation of health coverage often required when applying for a Work Visa


US paid employees are also provided vehicle insurance including proof of vehicle insurance, emergency and after hour contact information while on business travel. 


Travelers are encouraged to review the travel policy to determine if there are applicable limitations and exclusions. The detailed information regarding AURA travel policies can be found on the AURA website.



Travel Expense Reports (TER) will be processed as follows:

  1. Please submit your completed TER to your supervisor upon completed travel per the Travel Expense Report - User's Manual.  Reporte de gastos de viaje (TER) manual de usuario.
  2. Once the Travel Coordinator has reviewed and accepted the TER they will forward it to the CAS Accounting Travel Coordinator (Michelle Cummins) who will process it for payment.
  3. CAS Accounts Payable processes checks for payment of outstanding invoices and employee reimbursements on Thursday of each week.  Due to the extensive amount of review, the deadline for submitting Travel Expense Report’s to be paid on Thursday is 12:00 PM Tuesday. 
  4. Email reminders are sent to anyone who has an open Travel Request that is more than 10 days past its return date for those with a cash advance and more than 20 days for all others.  Although your TER may have been submitted for payment, there are sometimes delays in closing the TR due to a time lapse on the American Express charges for airfare etc.  You may receive an email after you have submitted your TER.  Please disregard if this occurs. 

TER Reminders:

  •       Don’t forget to attach a map if you are claiming mileage.
  •       Please print and attach currency rate exchange information if you are traveling internationally.
  •       If you have not included an agenda/travel summary with your TR, please do so with the TER.
  •       Please print and attach the per diem rate you are claiming.
  •       All receipts and attachments can be scanned into one document and uploaded as an attachment to the TER.

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