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The AURA Bid Opportunities Web site displays all pending RFB’s, RFP's, and amendments issued by the AURA Contracts Office for the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, National Solar Observatory, Gemini Observatory and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. AURA displays, on this Web site, the name and contact information of companies that have attended pre-bid meeting(s). This will apprise prospective subcontractors and the public which firms attended the pre-bid meeting(s). Interested sub-contractors may contact such firms for purposes of supplying subcontract prices. It is the bidder’s obligation to check this Web site to view and obtain copies of amendments and announcements related to the RFB’s.

Sample Terms and ConditionsSample Professional Service Agreements and Sample Construction Contract.  For projects on Kitt Peak, the following links provide information on important guidelines for work performed on the Tohono O'odham Nation.  "Transaction Privilege Tax" and "TERO Ordinance 01-85".

RFB# Title Documents Bid Due Date


Pre-Bid Meeting

Pre-Bid Meeting


  Gemini North Laser Launch Telescope (LLT) 1. Announcement of Opportunity        
ND1503C Gemini North Adaptive Optics Bench

1. Announcement of Opportunity

2. Statement of Work

3. Specifications

4. Instructions to Offerors

5. Main Document

6. Offeror's Budget Template

7. Offeror's Budget Justification Termplate

8. Applicable & Reference Documents

9. AOB Proposer's Conference Agenda and Connection Info (added 1/24/2020)

10. Instruction to Offerors Rev B (added 1/24/2020)

11. GNAO AOB Proposer's Conference Q&A (added 2/5/2020)

12. Recording of AOB Proposers Conference (added 2/6/2020)

13. Instructions to Offerors Rev C (added 2/14/2020)

14. Instructions to Offerors Rev D (added 25 Feb 2020) 

*NEW Date*

30 March 2020

3:00PM MST

3 February 2020

11:00AM MST

* not mandatory but highly recommended * 


Barbara Peterman


NB3880C "Gemini North Adative Optics Imager (GNAOI)"



4 October 2019  9:00 AM

Attendance is non-mandatory
although strongly encouraged

Attendance/Connection Details


Barbara Peterman



Gemini North Adaptive Optics "Real Time Controller"

AURA, Inc. - Gemini Observatory

1. Announcement of Opportunity

2. Statement of Work

3. Specifications and Requirements (7 Nov)

4. Science and Facility Common Requirements (7 Nov)

5. ICD 1.9 to 5.0 Science Instruments to Transport Storage

Operational Environments (7 Nov)

6. Instructions to Offerors

7. Draft Contract

8. The SCS to MCAO RTC

9. ICD 20 Synchro Bus to Node-Page

10. Questions and Answers (22 Nov.1)

11. Software Coding Standards (12 Nov)

12. GeMS RTC External Interfaces

13. ICD 1.14.2 - 1.14.8 MCAO RTC to RTC EPICS Interface


13 November 2019

1:00PM MST

Recording of Bidder's Conference



Tito Agbayani